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Stolen Flight

The personal narrative for this song focusses on abuse that the participant experienced when they were young.  One trigger from that experience was the memory that their first kiss had been taken from them.  It was a very innocent thought that stayed with them and the songwriting process took this as the point to creatively work through.  The participant had experienced extreme mental health problems for a long time and had help from many people to help them heal.

The bird chosen was the Wren.  It's one of the smallest birds with the loudest of voices. It is known in folklore as the King of Birds.  In a tale of how the king and leader of the birds was chosen, the Wren shows that size doesn't matter, as it outwitted the Eagle who was thought of as the obvious choice.  While all the birds held a competition to see who could fly the highest, the Wren hid in the wing of the Eagle, so that it could flutter just slightly above it, when it reached as far as it could go.

This formed the idea and concept for the lyrics of the song, though with a twist that involved all of the birds helping the little Wren to fly as high as possible.  Telling a story of how the wind blew a small Wren from the nest before they had ever had their first flight and the way that had affect them.  The Wren went through their life struggling until it took to a tall tree to let itself fall again, though they were caught in a pocket of air from a large flock of birds of all kinds.  The Eagle then swooped down to pick it up and take it for a most memorable flight.

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"Should the rest of my life

be defined by a stolen flight

Could my wings with your height

lift me soaring through the skies"

                                          Stolen Flight


The song is currently being recorded and will showcase soon on this page and there has been artwork created to support the song.

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