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Deeds Not Words

Election time inspired this song about some of the bravest women in history.  I hope you feel inspired to fight and support each other.  Never be scared to say the hard words if they need to be said for fear of upsetting others xx

"There's a bomb I posted in a letterbox

                                             Did you read it?"

Stolen Flight

The first song from the Burd Song writing experience.  This is the tale of the wren.  It's a reimagined version of the Eagle and the Wren.

When innocence is taken away at a young age, you can feel so lost and that time in your life can determine how you walk or fly through your life.  This song is about changing that narrative and reaching out for support to make a change for the better.

A Murmur

This is a beautiful piece was created to the visions of a starling murmuration.  Listen and feel the calm of this stunning fiddle

Wha Cries Fir the Craw

This is a song about the loneliness of old age and when everyone around you has gone.  Crow are a symbol of death, so who shows up for the crow. 

This is here because it shows that we always need a community of people around us. 

Boxing Magpies

This a lovely bit of footage of magpies where there is a little bit of an attempt at intimidation... it doesn't work.  

This footage is set to the tune of Boxing Hares.

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